Supreme Point Kennels
For the love of the hunt...
For the love of the breed​​​...
For the love of the family.

Our Breeding Philosophy

Supreme Point Kennels' breeding philosophy is simple:

Every breeding choice we make affirms our committment to breed preservation with regard to health, structure and function.
1.  We do not breed for the sake of breeding nor are we in it for money.
2.  We research all of our prospective choices for breeding stock and understand the health, temperament, structure, hunting ability and cooperation of not only the dam/sire, but what prior generations have produced.  
3.  All of our breeding stock is cleared for hips (via OFA or PennHip), elbows, eyes, cardiac, thyroid and K-locus.  We update those clearances are recommended by OFA.  We will be happy to provide copies of clearances upon request.  
4.  WE DO NOT "TITLE BREED".  The mark of a good dog is not how many titles it has.  It is how that dog performs on a day to day basis in the field, home and community.  We do not choose our breeding stock based upon titles earned, but upon a thorough examination of all aspects of a dog's pedigree, health background, hunting ability and trainability.  
5.  None of our dogs will EVER wind up in rescue or a shelter.  We are committed to our dogs for life and will take back a dog from an owner who can no longer care for it.